WHO rejects Israeli proposal to cancel item on health situation in occupied Syrian Golan and Palestine

Geneva, SANA-World Health Organization Executive Council rejected a proposal submitted by the Israeli occupation entity to cancel an item entitled “the health situation in the Occupied Palestinian lands and Occupied Syrian Golan” from the agenda of the upcoming WHO session.

The proposal failed to get the majority votes with 15 countries opposing it.

“Since 1967, Israeli occupation authorities have prevented all UN fact-finding committees from reaching the occupied Syrian Golan to investigate the situation there and present recommendations on this issue,” Hussam al-Din Ala, Syria’s permanent representative the UN in Geneva said in a speech at the Council’s 148th session before the voting.

In this regard, Ala reminded of the preconditions and restrictions imposed by the occupying power on WHO committee to assess the health conditions in the occupied Syrian Golan, which previously prevented it from presenting an objective report based on true evaluation for the situation on the ground.

The Ambassador described the Israeli proposal as “pushed by political purposes that aim to practice disinformation and present the issue as if it was just a domestic health emergency and not a cause of health conditions in the occupied territories ” that requires the occupying power to comply with specific legal obligations under humanitarian International law and UN relevant resolutions.

MHD Ibrahim/ Mazen Eyon


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