Foreign Ministry: Syria affirms its legitimate right to defend its sovereignty

Damascus, SANA- Foreign and Expatriate Ministry stressed that the criminal Israeli aggression on the vicinity of Hama city on Friday is a blatant violation of the sanctity and sovereignty of the Syrian territories in addition to the Human Rights and the International Law, calling on the UN and  Human Rights Council to assume their responsibilities in condemning those aggressions.

“Israel committed on Friday, Jan 22nd 2021 a new aggression on the Syrian Arab Republic’s territories in the surrounding of Hama city, which claimed the lives of two parents, two children and injured four members from the same family, in addition to destroying a number of houses”, the Ministry said in a letter addressed today to the UN Secretary General, President of Security Council and Chairman of Human Rights Council.

The Ministry added that the criminal aggression comes as a continuation of the Israeli aggressions that reached more than fifty ones in less than a year which claimed the lives of a large number of civilians and devastated their possessions, and this is not only an aggression on Syria’s territory, but it is also a clear violation of the legitimacy of Human Rights and International Law with its two humanitarian and general parts through targeting the innocent civilians and assaulting their right to live in peace and security.

The Ministry went on to say that Syria disapproves the silence of many sides at the international community, especially those who speak highly about the human rights, towards those blatant aggressions, this silence that encouraged the Israeli entity to continue its hostile acts on Syria which coincide with the crimes of the terrorist groups.

“While Syrian Arab Republic calls upon the UN and the Human Rights Council to assume their responsibilities and condemn those Israeli aggressions that pose new threat to the security and stability of the region, it affirms its determination to defend the sanctity and sovereignty of the Syrian territories and to protect its people from those aggressions in all legitimate means guaranteed by the international norms and charters”, the Ministry concluded.

Baraa Ali / Mazen Eyon

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