Temperatures below average, rains expected over most regions

Damascus, SANA- Temperatures will continue to drop to become from 3 to 4 degrees below average as the country is affected by a low air pressure accompanied by a cold air mass in all layers of the atmosphere.

Meteorology Department expected in its Tuesday bulletin that the weather will be cloudy to rainy over most regions, and the rainfalls will be heavy and accompanied by thunder sometimes while hailstones and snow are expected to fall over the mountains whose height exceeds 1000 meters.

The wind will be southwesterly with a moderate speed and active gusts whose speed exceeds 85 km/h, while the sea waves will be medium to high in amplitude.

Tomorrow, temperatures will continue to drop to become from 3 to 5 degrees below average, and the weather will become stable gradually in the afternoon and the evening, while the weather will be rainy in most regions and snow will fall over the mountains whose height exceeds 800 meters in the morning and the snow will be mixed with rains at that height.

The expected temperatures in some major Syrian cities will be as follows: Damascus 10/4, Daraa 9/4, Homs 8/4, Tartous 16/10, Aleppo 10/3 and Deir Ezzor 11/5.

Rafah al-Allouni/ Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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