Al-Dawalik Waterwheel at Bab al-Nahir site in Hama rehabilitated

Hama, SANA- The work teams of Hama Norias Department have finished the rehabilitation and restoration of al-Dawalik Noria at Bab al-Nahir site opposite of Hama’s citadel.

Director of Hama Norias Department, Mohamad Saba’a al-Arab, told SANA reporter that the restoration works of the 11.5 m diameter waterwheel included the replacement boards, sticks, full diadem, thresholds, internal and external circles.

He noted that the cottonwood, pine, cinchona and walnut woods were used to replace large part in the waterwheel whose woods  were ruined as a result of weather conditions.

Al-Arab pointed out that the rehabilitation has been carried out at hands of the technicians and workers in Norias Department who have wide experience in this field.

Norias are considered as one of the historical and archeological landmarks in Hama.

The Syrian central city is distinguished by its waterwheels since ancient eras, a thing which makes it a destination for visitors and guests of the province to enjoy scene.

Hybah/ Mazen


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