Patriarch Yazigi persistent in revealing truth of terrorism in Syria to American society

New Jersey, USA, SANA – Greek Orthodox Patriarch John X Yazigi of Antioch and All The East has been persistent in his effort to lay bare the complete truth about the internationally-devised terrorist war ripping through Syria and make this truth clear enough to the American public opinion.

On his pastoral trip to the USA, which started on December 4, the Patriarch has sought to contribute to conveying to the American society the true image of the terrorism inflicted by foreign sides upon Syria as well as the other Arab countries in the region.

He viewed his visit as an opportunity “to raise the voice of justice,” as he told SANA correspondent.

Patriarch Yazigi said he wanted through this visit to drum home a message to the U.S. officials that “the people of Syria, both the Muslims and Christians, are people of peace, amity and life.”

The message, he said, also aims at conveying a fact that all of the Syrians today reject, as they have always done, the takfiri extremist mentality that is alien to the Syrian culture and civilization.

The Christians in Syria today are no less committed to their homeland than any time before, and will stay in it until security and stability are restored.

Metropolitan Joseph Zahlawi, Archbishop of New York and All North America of the Antiochian Orthodox Church stressed that the “creative chaos” being internationally imported to Syria is unacceptable, calling on the Syrians to stick firmly to their land and national principles.

Haifa Said

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