Economy minister, Syrian-Belarusian Business Council discuss preparations ahead of Syrian-Belarusian Joint Committee

Damascus, SANA- Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade Dr.Humam al Jazairi discussed with Dr. Emad Maatoq, the Chairman of the Syrian-Belarusian Joint Business Council the preparations for holding the Syrian-Belarusian Joint Committee in the Belarusian capital Minsk in January 2015.

The two sides discussed the possibility of preparing a list of Syrian domestically-manufactured commodities, particularly textile goods, clothes, leathers, chemicals, detergents, fruit and vegetables whose entry to Belarusian markets and the Eurasian Union’s member states is to be negotiated with the Belarusian side.

They also discussed the establishment of joint companies in construction, affirming the importance of communicating with Ministry of Housing and Urban Development and construction companies in the two countries to enhance joint cooperation and investment.

The minister underlined the importance of the private sector’s participation in the construction sector during the joint committee’s forthcoming meetings so as to tap into the Belarusian experience, which will be a prelude to meeting the needs of the Syrian market.

Chairman of the joint Syrian-Belarusian Business Council discussed the Council’s preparations ahead of the Syrian-Belarusian Joint Committee, pointing out that the two sides agreed on a work plan that includes communication with the Syrian bodies concerned and the Belarusian side ahead of the forthcoming meeting slated for the last week of January.

The preparations come as part of the Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade’s measures for accession to the Free Trade Zone and the Eurasian Customs Union.

Similar steps are being prepared with the Republic of Kazakhstan, added the minister.

Manar al-Frieh/Manal Ismael


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