An exhibition in Khan Asaad Pasha on traditional dress for different Syrian environments

Damascus, SANA-The Syrian folklore was most evident in an exhibition that was held by the Ministry of Culture in Khan Asaad Pasha in Damascus where it displays various folklore costumes environments as well as artistic handicrafts that express the rich cultural heritage for the country.

The lobbies of the khan were decorated with colorful costumes from the Syrian provinces and their countryside to bring back the audience of the exhibition, which was held within the Days of Syrian Culture, the memory of the ancestors, their tales and their imprints.

The exhibition also shows the handicrafts which are rich in art and mentality which comes from making the musical instruments, damascene swords and wood carving and painting on glass and engraving on copper, mosaics, arabesques and handmade looms, pottery, glass, silk handkerchief, wood and manufacture of oils and others.

Culture Minister, Lubana Mshaweh said in a press statement that the purpose of the exhibition is to introduce the Syrian heritage, reactivating it, and passing these crafts to the coming generations, pointing out to the importance of supporting the craftsmen and taking care of their products through allocating a number of rooms in the khan to practice their professions and providing all facilities necessary for them.

Shaza Alashkar, Mazen Eyon

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