Grospic: Boycotting Conference on Return of Refugees by Western states prove that they stand behind crisis in Syria

Prague, SANA- Head of the Czech Parliamentary Group for friendship with Syria Stanislav Grospic, affirmed that boycotting the Int’l Conference on Return of Syrian Refugees, held in Damascus last week, by Western countries is new evidence that these countries which claim that they are advocates of Humanity, are not keen on solving the crisis in Syria.

“The countries that boycotted the conference are the same ones that have caused the crisis which Syria has been suffering from for years, and which began with a foreign conspiracy and a terrorist aggression that led to a great tragedy for the Syrians,” Grospic said in a statement to SANA reporter in Prague on Wednesday.

He noted that boycotting the conference by Western countries instead of cooperating with the legitimate Syrian government in resolving the issue of refugees as a” stigma, “explaining that this matter reflects the true image of the West.

Grospic referred to the impact of sanctions and coercive measures imposed by the European Union and the United States on the reconstruction of Syria and creating suitable conditions for the return of the displaced to their homes, pointing to the aggressive and blackmailing role of the Turkish regime in this context.

Nisreen Othman/ Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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