Information Minister: Syria has the will and enthusiasm for return of refugees who immigrated due to terrorism

Damascus, SANA- Information Minister, Imad Sara, said that Syria has the will and the enthusiasm to repatriate the Syrian refugees who immigrated from their homeland because of terrorism.

Sara said in a statement to journalists on the sidelines of the events of the International Conference on the Return of Refugees opened on Wednesday at Conferences Palace that the messages of conference is revealing the west and the axes that support terrorism not only through their rejection to participate in the conference, but also through exerting pressure on the participating states to not attend.

“They always use the humanitarian paper to achieve political goals and this conference uncovered them as they have used this paper in the wrong place,” the Minister said, adding that they want to target Syria on the political and the humanitarian levels and we said, through the conference, that the return of refugees is not only a humanitarian issue as they “consider”, but it is a national and humanitarian issue alike for Syria.

Sara stressed that the Syrian refugees, who will come back, will find all possible facilitations as the Syrian state not only has the will for their return , but also it has the enthusiasm as they will contribute to reconstructing Syria.

Baraa Ali/ Mazen Eyon

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