Two convoys of humanitarian aid from the citizens of Syrian Occupied Golan and Damascus presented to citizens of Tartous affected by fires

Tartous, SANA- Two convoys of humanitarian aid were presented on Thursday by the citizens of the Occupied Syrian Golan and Damascus to those affected by fires in Tartous.

In a statement to SANA reporter , Rasha al halh ,the supervisor of the aid presented by the occupied Syrian Golan’s citizens  in Damascus, said that the assistance includes food baskets and clothes in addition to sterilization materials, adding that this campaign is an expression of the solidarity of Golan’s citizens with their homeland ,in particular, with the citizens of the cities affected by fires ,and it also stresses the social values that link the Syrian people in all circumstances.

She noted that the convoy was delivered in cooperation with the voluntary team of Saaed (Help) Society in Damascus.

In turn, Isam Habbal ,the Chairman of Saaed Society, in Damascus said that a voluntary team from several associations accompanied the convoy from Damascus to prepare the food baskets and deliver them to the affected people.

For his part ,Mahmoud Dummarani , a director at the Labour and Social Affairs Ministry said that the convoy contains 12 tons of foodstuffs and 3 tons of clothes in addition to sterilization items, a part of which was provided by the Golan’s citizens to express their belonging to their homeland, Syria, and their stance by its sons, adding that the other part was presented by a number of NGOs and Damascus sons with the aim of supporting the people in Tartous who were affected by the fires.

Baraa Ali / Mazen Eyon

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