Protests in Qamishli, Hasaka condemning US, Turkish occupations, QSD practices

Hasaka, SANA_ The people of Qamishli on Thursday staged a protest against the American and Turkish occupations and practices of the US-backed QSD militia and its seizure of schools and people’s homes by force.

At the same time, a similar protest was organized by educational cadres and students of Hasaka city schools, denouncing the militia’s closure of most of the city’s schools and depriving thousands of students of education.

Hundreds of Qamishli city’s residents gathered in Tai neighborhood to denounce the violations committed by QSD militia and demanded the expulsion of the US and Turkish occupations that support armed militias and terrorist organizations.

The protestors raised the nation’s flag and banners calling for the resistance against the American and Turkish occupations and expelling them from the Syrian al-Jazira that stole its oil, wheat, and houses of its people to deprive them of the homeland’s wealth.

They affirmed their support to the Syrian Arab Army to eliminate terrorism and defeat the occupation that destabilizes security and stability and continues to plunder Syria’s wealth.

In Hasaka city, the administrative cadres and school students demanded, during the protest they staged in front of the Arab Cultural Center of the city, to stop the practices of QSD militia and save the educational process from the separatist tendencies that the militia wants to impose by force of arms despite the rejection of most of the people.

Director of Education Directorate, Elham Sorkhan, renewed her call to all concerned authorities and international organizations to intervene and stop the violations of QSD militia and restore schools, so that children continue the learning process.

In a statement to SANA reporter, she confirmed that these practices are considered a crime and threaten the future of thousands of children and youth through the militia’s attempts to keep the generation away from education in service of malicious agendas.

Nisreen Othman/ Gh . A. Hassson



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