UN demands Israel to abide by Golan-related resolutions

New York, SANA The United Nations reiterated calls on Israel to comply with the UN relevant resolutions on the occupied Syrian Golan, particularly, UN Security Council Resolution No. 497 for 1981 which considers Israel’s decision to impose its laws, administration and custody on the occupied Syrian Golan as “null and void.”

The UN General Assembly on Friday adopted a resolution entitled “The Occupied Syrian Golan” by an overwhelming majority, as 162 countries voted
in favor of the resolution while Israel was the only country which voted against it.

The UN resolution demanded Israel to immediately cancel its decision on annexing the Golan, asserting that all legislative and administrative
measures and procedures which Israel has taken or will take for changing the Syrian Golan’s demography and geography as “null and void and a flagrant violation of the international law and Geneva Convention on Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War”.

It also called on Israel to stop imposing the Israeli nationality and identity cards on the Syrians in Golan and halt the repressive measures against them .

The resolution condemned the Israeli violations of the Geneva Convention, calling on the UN member states to reject the Israeli measures taken in Golan which contradict international laws.

H. Zain/ Ghossoun

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