Arnous: All ministries, concerned bodies on high alert to help extinguish fires

Damascus, SANA-The Prime Minister, Hussein Arnous, confirmed that all ministries and their related bodies, in cooperation with the local community and unions and with help of the Syrian Arab Army, are on high alert to put out the fires erupted in widespread areas in the forests and agricultural lands in Lattakia, Homs and Tartous countryside, prevent them from reaching the residential areas and to reduce their affects as much as possible.

Chairing a meeting on Saturday, Arnous emphasized on providing the necessary support of food, medicine and shelter to the locals who were enforced to leave their houses, in addition to the readiness of the ambulance services to provide the support to the aforementioned provinces.

He also underlined the need for mobilizing all the society and popular activities to contribute, beside the government, to extinguishing the fires.

The Premier  requested forming  committees to start counting the damages to identify ways of appropriate intervention, mobilizing the police stations in all areas and townships to inspect any person suspected of being involved in setting fires, opening the dormitory of Tishreen University to receive the affected people along with enhancing the readiness of Tishreen University Hospital to receive any case requires treatment, in addition to raising the readiness of the Syrian Trading Halls and bakeries in the areas exposed to the fires.

Baraa Ali / Gh.A.Hassoun

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