Arnous instructs concerned ministries to provide help, contribute to put out fires

Damascus, SANA_ Prime Minister, Hussein Arnous, on Friday, instructed all concerned ministries and their affiliated authorities, firefighting teams and civil defense units in all governorates to provide support and assistance to contribute to extinguishing the fires ravaging the countryside of the governorates of Homs, Tartous and Lattakia.

Upon the directives of the Premier, The Ministers of Agriculture, Local Administration and Environment, were present in those sites to closely follow up the situation on the ground.

The firefighting teams in the governorates of Homs, Tartous and Lattakia continue their great and redoubled efforts to control the huge fires that broke out since Thursday evening in the countryside of the three governorates.

The firefighting teams and forestry vehicles are working, in cooperation with the people and the Syrian Arab Army, to control and put out fires.




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