People’s Assembly: October Liberation War largest victory of the Arabs in modern history

Damascus, SANA- The People’s Assembly stressed in its 4th session of the 1st ordinary round of the 3rd legislative term, chaired by its Speaker Hammouda Sabbagh, held on Wednesday that the glorious October Liberation War was the largest victory of the Arabs in the modern history.

Citing the 47th anniversary of October Liberation War, which the Syrian Arab Army had waged under the leadership of the Late President Hafez al-Assad, Sabbagh said that this war embodied the largest victory of the Arabs in the modern history as it restored the Arab Nation’s dignity and honor .

He added that the Syrian people have the right to be proud as  they are facing today the largest aggression and siege led by the US, Zionism and their tools in the region in desperate attempts by them to undermine our country and target our people, our steadfastness and the independence of our decision.

For their parts, the Members of the Assembly said that the heroic October War is a is a turning point in the face of the plots hatched against this region and the world, particularly against Syria, which is a symbol of resilience and national unity, asserting that the October War shattered the myth of the invincible Zionist enemy and restored the Arab Nation’s dignity and honor.

In a relevant context, a number of the assembly members denounced the heinous role of the Turkish regime in fueling plights and tensions between the two neighboring countries of Armenia and Azerbaijan, affirming the importance of reaching a peaceful solution to the standing differences between the two countries.

Hala Zain

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