Syrians in Cuba: October war anniversary enhances confidence in Syria’s victory over Terrorism 

Havana, SANA- Syrian students and community in Cuba stressed that October 6th will remain a great historical watershed, affirming that the 47th anniversary of October liberation war enhances the confidence in Syria’s ability to triumph over terrorism and to liberate every inch of its territories.

A statement issued by the Syrian students and community on the anniversary of October liberation war indicated that the countries conspiring against Syria have not stopped their conspiracies since 1970s as this has become clear through new methods and tools used by these countries in a miserable attempt to undermine Syria and its key role in support for the resistance in the region.

The students and members of the community in Cuba expressed appreciation of the Syrian Arab army which fights terrorism on behalf of the world, hailing the sacrifices of the homeland ‘s martyrs and wishing a speedy recovery for the wounded.

Hybah Sleman/ Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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