Tishreen liberation war… a compass of struggle to liberate the usurped lands and return rights

Damascus, SANA-Forty-seven years have passed since Tishreen Liberation war and men of the Syrian Arab Army, who have defeated the Israeli enemy in 1973, continue victories over the tools of this enemy of terrorist organizations to restore security and stability to the majority of the Syrian territory after being cleared off terrorism thanks to the sacrifices of the army soldiers.

Tishreen liberation war, led by the late leader, Hafez al-Assad, has formed a compass of the struggle to liberate the usurped lands and restore the Arab rights. The liberation war was a clear declaration to start the era of victories and end the time of defeats to be the war of liberation, the first war in the Arab-Zionist conflict which broke the wall of despair after Naksa of June 1967 . Tishreen war has consolidated a fact that Syria is the fortress of the resilience of the Arab nation that defends its existence and future.

The Successive victories against the Zionist enemy since the October war stress that it has formed a solid rock on which the glory of national resistance against Colonial plots was built in the region. This enemy tried to steal the victory of October by occupying South Lebanon, but the Syrian Arab army with the blood of its martyrs and heroisms of 1982, defeated the Zionist enemy, followed by standing beside the patriotism of Lebanese Resistance until liberating most of the territories of southern Lebanon in 2000 and the defeat of the Israeli enemy there.

Heroic battles were carried on by the sons and grandsons of October liberation men in their war against terrorism during which they wrote heroic epics and engraved deeply in the conscience of the Syrians the meanings of pride and dignity, the blood of the martyrs, was the title of liberation from terrorism in Aleppo, Deir Ezzor and Ghouta ,Daraa, Hama, Quneitra, the countryside of Homs, Hama, the Syrian desert.

People’s Assembly: Tishreen Liberation war prominent title in the Arab-Zionist conflict

In this regard, People’s Assembly affirmed that the Tishreen Epic represents a prominent title in the the Arab / Zionist conflict in which the Syrian Arab Army achieved a great victory and destroyed the Legend of the enemy who had claimed that it is invincible.

The Assembly pointed out in a statement that the occasion of Tishreen Liberation war comes today and the Syrian Arab Army is reaping victories after victories over the forces of evil and aggression, which have been trying for more than nine years through their allies and tools in desperate attempts to subjugate our homeland, forgetting that Syria will remain an example of resilience, a symbol of pride and dignity.

Manar/ Bushra/ Mazen Eyon

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