40 trucks stuck at Nassib-Jaber border crossing enter Jordan- video

SANA, Daraa- 40 trucks which have been stuck at Nassib-Jaber border crossing on Monday entered Jordan after resuming only the freight traffic at the crossing on Sunday. However, there are still 195 trucks which are waiting to enter.

Mazen Ghandour, Head of Nassib Immigration Center, said in a statement to SANA reporter that the trucks have crossed for the second day in a row amid facilitated procedures taken by the Syrian side to finish all the exit transactions from the crossing towards Jordan.

Ghandour pointed out that Daraa province has provided the trucks which have been stuck at the crossing for two weeks with diesel to provide the required cooling for vegetables, fruits and the laden food products, while a number of truck drivers indicated that they have been waiting at the border center for more than two weeks after being closed from the Jordanian side.

Eng. Muhib al-Refaie, Director of Daraa Transport Department noted that about 300 trucks have been stuck on the Syrian side during the last two weeks since the Jordanian authorities sealed off Jaber crossing for reasons related to coronavirus and maintenance works.

Al-Refaie said that crossing of the trucks to Jaber crossing was resumed on Monday as 65 trucks crossed on Sunday, adding that the stuck trucks are Syrian, Lebanese, Jordanian and Saudi, and they are laden with several goods like vegetables and fruits.

Rafah al-Allouni / Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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