Banias refinery eastern torch lit, heralding start of production at gasoline units

Banias, SANA- After two weeks since the beginning of the comprehensive overhaul at Banias refinery and thanks to the great efforts made by the refinery’s cadres, the unit of gasoline production was re-operated in an experimental basis, and its eastern torch was lit up in declaration of approaching production of gasoline.

Manager of Banias Refinery engineer Bassam Salameh said in a statement to SANA that the lightning of the refinery’s eastern torch is a test on the work of the gasoline production unit after the comprehensive overhaul at the refinery which included the gasoline production unit.

Salameh added that that the actual production at the gasoline unit needs more time before entering naphtha to it later.

A comprehensive overhaul operation has started at Banias Refinery on September 15th after stopping all operations at the refinery for five days, during which all the sites have been prepared to work.

Najwa al-Ali / Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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