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School health, UNICEF start training program to promote health awareness

Damascus, SANA_ The School Health Directorate at the Ministry of Education, in cooperation with UNICEF and under the scientific supervision of the World Health Organization, began on Sunday implementing a comprehensive training program in health education, as part of precautionary measures to address the Coronavirus and with the aim of raising the level of health awareness among students.

According to the ministry’s statement, the program includes ten important health topics to be discussed during a three-day central workshop.

The workshop includes training 50 doctors from all governorates followed by organizing 32 local workshops to train health assistants and 857 of educated  women working in school health departments in all governorates on the implementation of the health education program in all schools.

The ministry pointed out that the program comes in conjunction with allocating half an hour of health education per week for each class in the first cycle of basic education.

Manar Salameh/ Gh.A. Hassoun

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