Al-Sisi: Necessity of moving political solution to crisis in Syria forward to preserve its unity, safety and eliminate terrorism

New York, SANA- President of Egypt Abdel Fattah al-Sisi affirmed that moving the comprehensive political solution to the crisis in Syria forward has become an urgent issue, which the international community should put into its consideration.

Al-Sisi reiterated, in a speech at the 75th session of UN General Assembly via videoconference, that the political solution should ensure Syria’s unity and territorial integrity, safety of its institutions, the aspirations of its people, as well as completely eradicating terrorism.

The Egyptian President called for holding accountable some countries which reject to carry out and fully adhere to the UN Security Council’s binding resolutions in the field of combating terrorism, asserting that the international community continues to turn blind eye to a number of countries which support terrorism either through arming, financing and providing shelters to them, or through facilitating their move to the dispute areas, particularly to Libya and Syria.

Baraa Ali / Hala al-Zain


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