Archeological Shaqqa Monastery in Sweida … oldest model of convents that date back to 1500 years

Sweida, SANA- Archeological Shaqqa monastery, which is located in the eastern edge of Shaqqa town in Sweida northeastern countryside, is considered as a live witness to civilizations that passed through this area.

Director of Sweida antiquities Department, Nasha’at Kewan, said that the main frontage of the monastery consists of a big main door in the middle, two small lateral doors through which anyone can enter via roofed porch connected to the chamber of the monastery guard, then to a library its cupboard within the wall, interior courtyard and huge meeting hall .

Kewan added that the visitor of monastery can see in ground floor the church and residence rooms, noting that a tower that dates back to the 5th century A.D. remained in a good status.

He added that the monastery dates back to nearly 1500 years, noting that Shaqqa was an important administrative center in the Roman era.

Shaqa is famous for its richness in important archaeological sites witnessing on its glory , such as Great Basaltic Church of the Basilica, in addition to Shaqqa  Caesarea and the ruins of theater which disappear among the ancient houses and cemeteries.

Hybah Sleman/ Mazen


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