Albarkieh in Safita.. a charming resort that smells basil

Tartous-SANA, Albarkieh town is located in Tartous countryside on the western foots of Kitf al-Deeb, of Al-Sen mountain which is surrounded by heights covered with oak trees and basil, which dictates its charm and aroma and turns it into a destination for hikers looking for calm amid the beautiful and quiet nature with a distinctive view and the green lands stretching between the valleys and plains.

Albarkieh is a town that is affiliated to Safita region and rises above sea level 425 m.

Ramadan Issa Hamada, Municipality Chief of the town, said that the area dates back to ancient times and has many monuments, where remnants of residential houses and tombs have been found.

He added that the village of Beit Aslan that belongs to Albarkieh, includes urban ruins, an ancient church, and the remains of rock presses of olives and grapes.

Nisreen Othman/ Mazen Eyon

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