US occupation forces transport dozens of wrecked vehicles and trucks from al-Jazeera to Iraqi lands region

Hasaka, SANA- the US occupation forces removed dozens of wrecked vehicles from their illegal bases in Syrian al- Jazeera region to the Iraqi territories.

Civil sources at al-Jawadiyah region in Hasaka countryside told SANA reporter that a convoy of US occupation forces consisting of 150 military vehicles and a tanker carrying armored vehicles and damaged covered trucks and tanks left the al-Jazeera to northern Iraq through Al-Walid illegitimate crossing.

The US occupation forces, during the last few months, brought in hundreds of trucks loaded with weapons, military and logistic equipment to Hasaka across the illegal crossings to reinforce their illegal presence with the help of the “QSD” militia and armed groups that support them in Syrian Al- Jazeera region.

Bushra/Manar/ Mazen

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