Hasaka farmers start picking off cotton crop

Hasaka, SANA- The farmers of Hasaka province have begun the operations of picking off the cotton crop for the current season in different areas of the stable agricultural lands with expectations of good production.

Director of Agricultural Department in Hasaka , Eng. Rajeb Salama, said in a statement to SANA that the operations of harvesting the crop are continuing until the end of next November, expecting production to reach about 15 ,000 tons.

He pointed out that the production of one hectare, particularly in Tal Tamir , al-Darbasiyah and Abu Rasin reach nearly to 3,500 kg. Salamah noted that the situation of the crop is good and free from any insect infections.

The cultivation area with cotton crop in Hasaka province for the current season is amounted to 3,500 hectares .

Hybah /Mazen

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