Al-Jaafari: Syria has met its commitments of joining chemical weapons convention

New York, SANA-Syria’s permanent representative to the UN, Dr. Bashar Al-Jaafari reaffirmed the falseness of allegations circulated by some western governments regarding the chemical file in Syria, stressing that Syria has met its commitments of accessing the Chemical Weapons Convention and eliminated all its stockpile since 2014, adding this file should be totally closed.

Jaafari said during a session of the Security Council today via video conference about the situation in the Middle East, that the Syrian delegation registers its rejection of the participation of the representative of the Turkish regime, which sponsors terrorism, in this session and reminds the members of the Council that the terrorist organizations would not have been able to carry out many of their crimes, including those that were carried out using chemical weapons, without the support of Erdogan regime for those terrorist organizations.

He  stressed that Syria has fulfilled its obligations arising from its accession to the Chemical Weapons Convention and has always been keen to cooperate positively, professionally and transparently with the Director-General of the Organization, the Technical Secretariat, the inspection teams, the declaration evaluation team, and the fact-finding mission to implement its obligations under the Chemical Weapons Convention despite the big challenges resulting from the repercussions of the US and Turkish occupations who have taken parts of its territories, and the provocative and hostile behavior adopted by some regional and international parties, in addition to imposing unilateral coercive measures against the Syrian people.

Al-Jaafari renewed Syria’s assertion that the conclusions reached by the so-called “investigation and identification team” are incredible, have no legal basis, and are unrealistic./

“That is a categorically consistent assessment, the member states of the organization and the Security Council know that the team built its false accusations against Syria on the basis of a report by the fact-finding mission that did not make a field visit to al-Lataminah area, and conducted remote investigations from Turkish territory and in the absence of technically and legally approved standards to ensure the integrity of the custody of evidence in the process of collecting and preserving material evidence,” al-Jaafari said.

He added that the absence of a legal chain of custody of samples besides relying on Fabricated video clips and photos posted on Internet pages or witness statements and open sources provided by the terrorist groups and their media arm, the terrorist organization “White Helmets” and the fabricated information provided by the United States and Western countries, which are the governments that are already being involved in supporting terrorist groups in Syria, then the same scene and wrong practices were repeated in other incidents like Khan Sheikhoun>

Al-Jaafari affirmed  that Syria had proposed a request to former Secretary General to form a scientific and objective investigation team to investigate into the use of a chemical weapon in Khan al-Asal town on March 19, 2013.

Nisreen Othman/Mazen Eyon

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