Keeler: Western interventions in Syria, Iraq and Libya led to disastrous results

 Prague, SANA- Jan Keeler, former Czech Member of the European Parliament has affirmed that the military interventions by the West in many states in the Middle East including Syria, Iraq and Libya have caused catastrophic results.

In an article published by Bravo Czech Newspaper, Keeler said that the “Western interference in Syria and Libya has led to disastrous results at all levels, while the war launched by the United States on Iraq has led to the emergence of Daesh (ISIS) terrorist organization and other extremist organizations.”

He noted that the West has many times interfered in the region’s countries under flimsy pretexts and all of these interferences have ended in utter failure.

Keeler added that these interventions have also led to destabilizing the security and stability, in addition to claiming the livers of hundreds of thousands of victims and displacing millions of people, in addition to a huge wave of refugees to Europe.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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