Syrian youths form voluntary team to participate in tackling coronavirus

Damascus, SANA- Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus “Covid-19”, a group of conscious Syrian youths have taken upon themselves to exert tireless efforts to confront this global pandemic as they formed a team for that purpose and they called it Aqimha “Sterilize it”.

The team has participated in sterilization campaigns at the public facilities, in addition to spreading awareness on the virus, distributing masks and medical alcohol, and spreading health awareness.

Later the group has developed to become a medical team that supports the government’s efforts in tackling the coronavirus as it has moved from spreading health awareness to helping and treating the coronavirus patients.

Dr. Khalid Awwad, a member of the initiative, told SANA that with the beginning of the increase in the number of the coronavirus infections, the team has intensified its efforts as it has mobilized all of its human resources to secure oxygen cylinders and distribute them to needy patients, and the medical staff provided medical advice around the clock through the consultations whether on the telephone or from home.

The team also worked, through a specialized medical cadre, according to Awwad, to provide home care to the patients when needed, pointing to the continuing awareness activities of the team on ways to prevent Coronavirus.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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