Syria’s production of olive this year is estimated at 850 thousand ton

Damascus, SANA-The Ministry of Agriculture has estimated Syria production of Olive this year to reach 850,000 tons and the number of fruitful olive trees is nearly 87 million.

Eng. Mohammad Habo, Head of Olive Office at the Ministry of Agriculture, said that the estimations of the primary production of Olive for this year will amount to 850,000 tons, pointing out that Aleppo governorate carries the first rate of production that is nearly about 237.174 tons, then at the second rate comes Idleb that reaches at 185,000 tons, while Homs comes in the third place at 114.476 tons.

Habo added that there are 103,445 million trees of olive in Syria, among them 87,084 million of fruitful trees and all of them are distributed on an area of 693.227 hectares.

Olive production in al-Ghab area estimated at 10,000 tons

Al-Ghab’s Development and Management Agency in Hama estimated the production of olive in the farmlands supervised by it to reach around 10,000 tons during the current season.

In a statement to SANA, director of plant resources department at the Agency Wafeeq Zarrouf said that the number of olive trees in al-Ghab area is 467,000, and that the current season’s crop is in good condition with no pest infestations being reported and very few cases of wilting being registered, which promises abundant production.

Al-Ghab farmlands produced 10,800 tons of olives during the previous season.

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