As Turkish occupation continues to cut off water, Hasaka suffers thirst amidst absolute international silence

Hasaka, SANA-  Hasaka City and its western countryside extending from Alouk plant in Ras al-Ayn countryside to Hasaka City and the nearby villages, have been without drinking water for the eleventh day in a row amidst an absolute international silence as the international organizations ignore a crime against humanity committed by the Turkish occupation and its terrorist mercenaries against a million Syrian citizens.

On Saturday, the beginning of supplying Alouk plant with electricity was announced, yet the Turkish occupation hasn’t not pumped water to the locals, and not even a single drop of water has reached the tanks according to the Public Institution for Drinking Water in Hasaka as the problem of water shortage is still present without any solutions that keep the inhabitants away from ghost of thirst

Director General of the Water Institution in Hasaka, Eng. Mahmoud Okleh, affirmed that drinking  water hasn’t been pumped into Hasaka so far, which means that the problem still exists and that the flimsy pretexts and excuses that the Turkish occupation relies on are false, noting that there is no solution to water stability and ensuring the continuity  of work at Alouk station, except through the withdrawal of the Turkish occupation and handing over the station to the workers of the Public  Institution for Drinking Water.

According to local sources in the region, the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries are manipulating with the amount of electricity with which the plant is supplied, and they supply the areas which are under the control of terrorists in Ras al-Ayn region with the amount allocated to them at the expense of Alouk plant in a way that has a negative impact on its work in terms of the small number of wells and the pumps operating within it.

Meanwhile, a number of the locals in Hasaka expressed dissatisfaction to SANA reporter and their denunciation of the violations committed by the Turkish occupation and Qasad “SDF” militias, considering that the locals fall victims of the Turkish and American occupations and their agents and tools in the area who steal the oil and control energy and water resources at an expense of the lives of about one million citizens.

For his part, young man Gerges, one of Hasaka locals, called for finding strategic alternatives to drinking water for Hasaka citizens, noting that the American and Turkish occupations and the (SDF) militias control the drinking water and electricity, and they do not want to achieve the best for the people of the region and Syria in general as they are busy stealing the oil and wealth of the Syrian people.

He added that Hasaka should not remain at the mercy of the Turkish and American occupations and their tools while the humanitarian and international organizations remain silent and they stand idly until the moment while the locals in Hasaka remain vulnerable to diseases and epidemics in a time when the world is combating the novel coronavirus “Covid-19” pandemic.

Manar Salameh / Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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