Coronavirus worldwide death toll exceeds 808 thousand

Capitals, SANA- The novel coronavirus “Covid-19” has claimed the lives of more than 808 thousand people worldwide since its appearance last December.

Worldometer website which follows up the developments of the coronavirus around the world mentioned that 808,783 deaths have been registered while the number of infections reached up to 23,390,690 and the recoveries amounted to 15,912,888.

In Mexico, the health ministry announced registering 644 deaths and 6,482 new confirmed infection bringing the total number of infections to 556,216 while the death toll reached up to 60,254.

Latin America has become one of the biggest hotspots for the spread of the Coronavirus in the world over the recent months, as the number of infections has exceeded the 5 million.

In Germany, data from Robert Koch Institute (RKI) for Infectious Diseases showed an increase in the number of infections which reached 782 bringing the total number of infections to 232,864 while two deaths have been recorded as the death toll amounted to 9,269.

In Australia, 17 new deaths of the coronavirus have been recorded, all of them in Victoria State, in addition to registering 208 new infections.

Meanwhile, in China, the National Health Committee announced registering 12 new coronavirus cases which came from abroad while on Saturday, the Chinese Mainland that no local infections have been registered.

The total confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the Chinese mainland has reached 84,951 cases as of yesterday, including 422 patients who are still receiving medical treatment.

In China, the total number of infections has exceeded three million to reach 3,044,940 according to the latest data issued by the Federal Ministry of Health while the death toll due to the epidemic in the country has risen to 56,706.

In South Korea, the Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced the highest daily increase in cases of coronavirus infections since early March, with 397 new infections recorded as of midnight yesterday, up from 332 the previous day.

They added that this brings the total number of cases in the country to 17,399 while the death toll amounted to 309.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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