First cesarean delivery for woman with COVID-19 at Tishreen Military Hospital, Damascus

Damascus, SANA- The first caesarean delivery for a woman infected with coronavirus was registered Thursday in the C-section at Tishreen Military Hospital in Damascus.

According to the hospital’s official page on “Facebook”, the woman was infected with coronavirus from two weeks ago and she went to the hospital while she was at 38 weeks of pregnancy as she was admitted to the hospital’s medical isolation department with a daily follow-up on the patient’s case by a multidisciplinary committee.

last Thursday, a decision was made to terminate the pregnancy through a caesarean section, along with taking all the recommended isolation precautionary measures, according to the protocol adopted by the hospital.

The surgery was conducted at the Obstetrics Department according to the official page of the hospital, which added that the health of the mother and baby is good, and the baby is not infected with Coronavirus.

The hospital affirmed that the Cesarean operation was performed in an organized and accurate manner and according to what has been planned by the Corona Patient Follow-up Team and the recommendations of the multidisciplinary committee concerned with discussing problematic and complicated cases.

Manar Salameh/ Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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