Putin announces registration of first Coronavirus vaccine in the world

Moscow, SANA – Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Tuesday that the first Coronavirus (COVID19) vaccine in the world has been registered.

During a meeting with his cabinet, Putin said that he was informed on Tuesday morning about the registration of the first vaccine in the world for the Coronavirus, hoping that Russia could start producing large amounts of the vaccine in the near future.

Putin thanked all those who have worked on creating the vaccine, describing this achievement as a very important step for the world, asserting that this vaccine is very effective and creates a stable immunity.

The Russian President stressed that the vaccine passed all the required tests, expressing hope that other countries continue research in this matter so that there will be a lot of products that can be used in the global markets.

He affirmed that vaccine will be available to all Russian citizens soon and free of charge, with the administration taking place in stages beginning with medical staff working to fight the virus, followed by elderly people, and then the rest of the population, noting that one of his daughters has received this vaccine.

Hybah /Hazem Sabbagh

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