Sabbagh elected as People’s Assembly Speaker by acclamation

Damascus, SANA- Members of the People’s Assembly on Tuesday elected Hammoudeh Sabbagh as the Assembly’s speaker by acclamation for the third legislative term.

Sabbagh said although Syria has been exposed to a long terrorist war and a direct occupation along with unprecedented economic, media and diplomatic war, it has committed to running the elections on time.

In addition, Mohammad Akram al-Ajlani was elected Deputy Speaker by acclamation, while Salloum al-Salloum and Maysaa Saleh were elected Undersecretaries, and Mohammad Sleiman al-Abrash and Fayza al-Azbeh were elected Observers.

Earlier on the day, the People’s Assembly resumed the opening session of the first exceptional round for the third legislative term chaired by the oldest MP Abdulhamid As’ad al-Zaher as the MPs continued to take the constitutional oath.

It is noteworthy that the People’s Assembly holds three regular sessions in the first year and the Assembly might be called to hold exceptional sessions upon a request from the President of the Republic or upon a written request by one third of the members of the Assembly.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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