Mikdad: Russia stands by Syria in combating terrorism based on credibility of its principles

Beirut, SANA- Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Fayssal Mikdad stressed that the Syrian-Russian deep-rooted relations have witnessed unprecedented developments in various domains over the last few months in a way which has not been only reflected on Syria but on the region and the whole world.

“Russia stands by the Syrian people and leadership based on the credibility of its principles in supporting whoever fights terrorism and prevents it from spreading outside the Middle East,” Mikdad said in an article at the Lebanese al-Binaa newspaper on Saturday.

Mikdad affirmed that Syria and Russia share the conviction that any solution to the crisis in Syria should be based on the priority of combating terrorism, supporting national reconciliations and De Mistura’s initiative on firing freeze in the city of Aleppo and holding inter-Syrian dialogue without any foreign interference in Syria’s internal affairs.

Mikdad clarified that the role played by Russia on the international level has gained the respect of the whole world as it has adopted the principles of respecting the international law and the UN charter and its has been completely committed to the countries’ independence and sovereignty and
the non-interference in their internal affairs.

The warm welcome which the Syrian delegation has received in Moscow confirms Russia’s continued support to the Syrian people in their battle against terrorism and their efforts to restore peace, security and stability to Syria, the region and the world, Mikdad concluded.

H. Zain / Ghossoun

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