Iraqi parties and popular delegations express support to Syria in face of “Caesar Act”

Baghdad, SANA- The Arab Trend in Iraq, the Popular Committee for Supporting Syria and the Resistance and many other national movements in Iraq have affirmed their standing by Syria against the US economic coercive measures which target the Syrian people.

That came during a meeting between Syria’s Ambassador in Baghdad Sattam Jadaan al-Dandah and a delegation from the Arab Trend in Iraq chaired by its Secretary-General Zidan al-Nu’aimi and Chairman of the Iraqi Popular Committee for Supporting Syria and the Resistance Abdul-Rida al-Hamid and representatives of national Iraqi movements.

In a statement to SANA correspondent in Baghdad, al-Nu’aimi said that the good forces in Iraq stand by the side of the Syrian people against the so-called “Caesar Act” which was passed by the US and its allies after their failure in creating a gap between the Syrian people and their heroic army through launching a savage terrorist war against Syria.

Al-Hamid, for his part, expressed firm confidence in the Syrian people’s ability to overcome this US-Western economic aggression.

Malik al-Hosseini, one of leaders of the Arab Trend in Iraq, said that the US will fail in its new aggression because Syria has proven that it is an icon of heroism and steadfastness throughout the ten years of the unjust global war waged against it.

Ambassador al-Dandah, for his part, hailed the initiative of the Arab Trend in Iraq and the Iraqi Popular Committee for Supporting Syria and the Resistance.

“Syria’s enemies are living in illusions when they think that a brutal and unjust economic blockade will undermine the will of the Syrian Arab people and their independent decision,” al-Dandah said.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri


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