Health cadres of the white army infected with Coronavirus are a true embodiment of sincerity at work

Damascus, SANA- “Some medical cadres infected with Coronavirus are not a stigma, but it is part of sacrifices made by any doctor or nurse during performing their humanitarian duties in saving patients’ lives , caring for them and treating them, which is among dangers of their work” Dr. Hammad Khalifa who works at Department of Urology Surgery at Damascus Hospital told SANA reporter.

Dr. Khalifa who left the lockdown department at Ibn Rushd Hospital after his recovery from Coronavirus told SANA reporter that his infection with coronavirus was discovered after taking a sample being in contact with an infected coronavirus case, he went to the hospital earlier but he didn’t suffer from any symptoms and now he is in a good healthy condition.

For his part, Dr. Majd Kayali called all citizens to be aware and adhere to the preventive procedures against Coronavirus because it is chronic disease.

He added that the phenomena of recklessness in those measures are considered as negative indicator and they should raise the health awareness by returning to commitment to the preventive measures in addition to
correcting the image taken by some people about the health cadres who were infected with coronavirus.

MHD Ibrahim/ Mazen Eyon


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