Hasaka’s citizens drill surface wells to ensure water in light of continued cutting water by Turkish occupation

Hasaka, SANA- With continued cutting water to more than one million citizens in Hasaka by Turkish occupation forces and stopping pumping water from Alouk water station in Ras al-Ayn area , the citizens  are working in cooperation with the bodies concerned to have a temporary water supply for ensuring continuity of life.

Scene of manual drilling in Haska’s streets and its neighborhoods has become usual and even an urgent need to secure water as emergency solutions.

Salah Hussein said that majority of the locals in Hasaka city are currently depending on surface well water while drinking water is being bought at high prices.

Ahmad who works in digging wells indicated that tens of wells have been dug in Hasaka over the past days , pointing out to the abundance of the wells, and the depth ranges between 10 and 15 meters. The wells were operated and put into service.

Speaking to SANA reporter, the Director of Water resources in Hasaka, Abdul Razzaq al-Awak said that most of surface wells feed from the leaked underground water from al-Khabour River, and they do not affect the underground water because most of the renewable water is situated in al-Amal al-Aoula area in Ras al-Ayn.

Director-General of Water Establishment in Hasaka Mahmmoud al-Okla indicated that the wells reduced people’s suffering , and the establishment will transfer the drinking water by tankers to the neighborhoods from Nafasha and Albarrak wells to ensure supplies of potable water as an ambulatory solution.

He underlined that an emergency response plan, in cooperation and coordination with the international organizations, had been put to ensure a potable drinking water to the neighborhoods by tankers until the problem of Alouk water plant is resolved.

Turkish occupation forces since its aggression on the Syrian territories last October, cut off the water from Alouk station 17 times.

Nisreen Othman /Shaza

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