Cabinet approves national strategy for developing olive crop

Damascus, SANA – The Cabinet on Sunday adopted a national strategy to develop the olive crop as part of the efforts to reinvigorate the production of crops that contribute to food security and provide job opportunities and income to a large number of citizens.

During the Cabinet’s weekly session, Prime Minister Hussein Arnous called for increasing the effectiveness of the measures taken to monitor markets and deliver goods from producers to consumers directly, as well as the steps for ensuring optimal investment in some markets, and establishing outlets of the Syrian Trading establishment inside them in order to eliminate the need for middlemen.

The Prime Minister also called for developing the production in the public sector to play its role in positive intervention, in addition to making use of the human resources and available infrastructure to enhance the production process and direct its outcomes to improve the living situation and the services offered to citizens.

The Cabinet decided to continue providing the Syrian Trading establishment with the public sector’s products, purchase lentils and chickpeas and other local crops from the farmers, and increase the number of Syrian Trading’s warehouses, in addition to putting a comprehensive vision to relaunch the operational loans to support small and handcraft facilities.

The Health and Industry Ministries were tasked with coordinating with the required sides to rehabilitate Tamico and Damas pharmaceutical factories.

Health Minister Nizar Yazigi briefed the Cabinet about the situation of containing the Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic and the continued coordination with the Education Ministry to ensure the students’ safety.

In a statement after the session, Agriculture Minister Ahmad al-Qadiri stated that SYP 752 million was allocated to carry out the strategic matrix for developing the olive crop, noting that olive oil exports amounted to 17,000 tons last year.

Baraa Ali / Hazem Sabbagh

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