Slovak website: Erdogan-backed terrorists in Syria have become big burden on his regime

Bratislava, SANA-The Slovak “Lavni Zebravi” website has affirmed that terrorist organizations backed by president of the Turkish regime Recep Tayyip Erdogan, supplied with various aspects of support in Syria, have become a major burden on his regime and a security threat to Turkey itself.

The website indicated in report that setting the de-escalation zones in Syria and the victories of the Syrian Arab army backed by its allies particularly Russia, narrowed the way in front of the Turkey –backed terrorists.

It noted that Turkish regime transported those terrorists from Syria to Libya in order to fight Libyan army, warning that Erdogan, who fears the spread of these terrorists throughout Turkey, is also looking for their transportation and distribution inside Europe, which would represent a serious security threat to the countries of this continent.

hybah Sleman/ GH.A.Hasoun

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