National stand in Deir Ezzor in condemnation and rejection of the coercive measures imposed on Syria

Deir Ezzor,SANA- The Provence of Deir Ezzor witnessed on Sunday a national stand in rejection and condemnation of the US sanctions and the coercive measures imposed on Syria and as an adherence to the national stances.

Participants in the national stand in Deir Ezzor asserted their rejection of the unilateral coercive measures imposed on the Syrian people and their condemnation of the so called “Caesar Act” , stressing their adherence to the national stands and standing by the homeland to confront the economic war.

The participants raised the national flags and banners that condemn  the economic terrorism, stressing their resilience against the aggression forces that failed to achieve their schemes in the past through their terrorist tools.

Baraa Ali/Mazen

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