Demands for lifting unilateral coercive economic measures imposed against Syria

Havana, SANA_ A number of youth, students and leading figures in Latin America demanded an immediate lift of the unilateral coercive economic measures imposed against Syria, affirming their solidarity with it.

Chairperson of the students League in the Latin American University of Medicine in Cuba Daniela Gomez demanded, in a letter, an immediate lift of the unilateral sanctions, especially in light of the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic.

In a similar letter, the coordinator of foreign students’ affairs at Havana University Mario Salvador stressed that medical care is one of the basic human rights that should be guaranteed for all people.

He denounced the recent US measures against Syria and demanded an end to the unfair blockade being imposed on the Syrian people.

On behalf of the Student Front in Venezuela David Hernandez stressed that the sanctions imposed by imperialist states on Syria is considered a violation of the basic rights and freedom of the Syrian people, expressing solidarity with the Syrian students and people.


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