Infighting among Turkey’s backed mercenaries in Hasaka countryside renewed

Hasaka, SANA_ A number of Turkish regime’s backed mercenaries were killed or injured as infighting broke out again among them on Tuesday in the occupied villages in Abu Rasin Township, northwestern Hasaka countryside.

Civil sources told SANA reporter that infighting broke out again among terrorist groups affiliated to Turkish regime’s backed “Sultan Murad, al-Hamzat and al-Sharqiya” terrorist organizations in the direction of Bab al-Khair and Um Ushba in Abu Rasin countryside.

The infighting erupted over the looting of agricultural lands after the displacement of their owners from the region.

The mercenaries of the Turkish occupation have been working to seize agricultural lands, harvest them and steal their production after preventing their owners from entering them and expelling some of them from the occupied areas under the threat of weapons.

The Turkish occupation forces, through their mercenaries, continue to steal wheat production in the occupied villages, seize the homes of citizens and impose royalties on agricultural land owners amounting to / 15 / percent of crops.


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