Turkey continues looting wheat, brings logistic materials into Hasaka countryside  

Hasaka, SANA – Turkish occupation forces continued their violation of sovereignty of Syrian territories and brought more logistic materials to its illegitimate bases in the vicinity of Abu Rasin town, in parallel with the continued stealing of wheat fields in Hasaka northern countryside.

Civil sources told SANA reporter that the Turkish occupation forces on Monday evening entered several vehicles loaded with pre-made rooms and building materials through al-Sukkariya village, and headed south to its illegitimate bases in Abu Rasin town in Hasaka northern countryside.

In the same context, the sources noted that the mercenary of Turkish occupation on Tuesday started harvesting and stealing wheat fields of Abu Rasin, using harvesters which the Turkish occupation have recently brought for the purpose of looting wheat.

Since its aggression on Syrian territories on October 9th, the Turkish regime brought tens of vehicles loaded with weapons and logistic supplies to reinforce its illegitimate bases and support its mercenary from terrorist organizations which carried out criminal acts against people and destroyed infrastructure, displacing residents from their villages and towns.

H. Sleman/Gh.A.Hassuon



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