Czech magazine: Musical notes discovered in Ugarit bear great historical meanings

Prague, SANA- The Czech magazine “Muzikos” which is specialized in music shed light on the authentic historical musical heritage in Syria, stressing that the musical notes that were discovered in Ugarit since the fifties of the last century “bear great historical meanings in the artistic field.”

The magazine indicated that the importance of the discovered notes lies in the fact that they refute what has been stated by some historians and specialists in music about the lack of musical harmony in the ancient centuries.

It added that these musical notes represent the oldest musical recordings in the world as they date back to the fourteenth century B.C. approximately 3,500 years ago.

The magazine added that the clay tablets on which these musical notes had been written and below them instructions for their interpretation are fully compatible with the number of musical symbols, which constitutes evidence of up to 100 percent of the existence of a deliberate and purposeful arrangement of music in them.

Last year, Czech website Opera Plus which is specialized in music affirmed that the first musical note in the world which was discovered in Ugarit in Syria constitutes a unique artwork.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri


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