Cabinet: Restoring economic and development activities in provinces

Damascus, SANA- Cabinet began a review plan for economic, development and service projects which had been approved during the government visits in provinces aimed at resuming economic and development activities in all provinces.

During its weekly session on Sunday chaired by Prime Minister Imad Khamis, the cabinet decided to restore public and private economic and development activities in all provinces, and complete government projects with  of  a 90 % implementation rate and priority projects which have already been initiated to put them into implementation as soon as possible.

The cabinet was also briefed on the Health Ministry’s plan to confront Coronavirus , recoveries , quarantine centers , in addition to the Interior Ministry’s plan to implement the curfew at specified times.

The cabinet stressed on the need for full commitment by all professions and markets to preventive measures and adherence to the Health Ministry’s instructions to avoid the outbreak of COVID 19.


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