First plane carrying Syrians stranded in Armenia arrives in Damascus Int’l Airport

Damascus, SANA- First plane carrying 29 Syrians, stranded at abroad, arrived in Damascus International Airport coming from the Armenian Capital of Yerevan to Damascus in implementation of the decisions of the government team in charge of confronting the Coronavirus.

Health Ministry said, in a statement, that the passengers of the plane were received at the quarantine center at Damascus international Airport hotel as they will stay there for 14 days to make sure of their safety from the Coronavirus and guarantee the health security of the citizens.

SANA’s reporter said Wednesday that the arrivals were transferred to the quarantine centers for 14 days in implementation of the medical precautionary measures approved by the government team in charge with securing safe return of the Syrian citizens stranded in the countries of the world.

Syrian Ambassador to Armenia Mohammad al-Haj Ibrahim told SANA, in a statement, that in cooperation between al-Sham Wing Airlines and the Syrian Embassy in Yerevan, the plane transported 29 Syrian travellers stranded at Armenia.
The Ambassador added that the flight came in line with the decisions of the government team in charge with securing safe return of the Syrian citizens stranded in abroad to the homeland.

The flight is the first that comes in the framework of securing safe return of the Syrians stranded abroad following the recent decision issued by the government team on charging the Foreign and Expatriates, Interior, Health and Transport Ministries to study the situation of the Syrian citizens stranded at abroad and wish to return home, to set a number of standards for their repatriate, including taking all safety and health measures and imposing compulsory quarantine for 14 days for the comers without give any exceptions regarding the decision of quarantine.

The Health Ministry, in coordination with the boards concerned with the return of the Syrians from abroad, confirmed readiness of the health quarantine centres to receive them in various Syrian provinces with the aim to ensure that they are not infected with Coronavirus, prevent the spread of infection among their families and relatives and maintain the public health.

Hala Zain

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