More than 95 percent of agricultural plan in al-Ghab area implemented

Hama, SANA- More than 95 percent of the agricultural plan has been carried out in the al-Ghab area in Hama province as al-Ghab area is considered as Syria’s food basket for its significant role in the production of various kinds of agricultural crops, particularly the strategic ones.

Director of the General Commission for Management and Development of Al-Ghab (GCMD) Aufee Wasouf told SANA in a statement that the GCMD exerts all efforts to guarantee the implementation of the scheduled agricultural plan, as well as increasing production and improving its quality through providing all production services and applying modern technologies to develop the agricultural work and protect the natural resources.

Wasouf pointed out to encouraging the farmers to optimal investment of the available water resources, in addition to  developing the local society in al-Ghab area.

He stressed that the agricultural plan for the current season included cultivation of 76,289 hectares of al-Ghab lands, as the cultivated areas reached about 50,000 hectares of wheat, 1200 hectares of potatoes, 3500 hectares of medical and aromatic plants, 2800 hectares of legumes, 1300 hectares of Tobacco and 1100 hectares of fodder crops.

for his part, Director of plant resources in the GCMD Wafiq Zarrouf said that the fertility of the lands of al-Ghab area contributed to the variety of the agricultural production which has played an effective role in securing a large part of the local markets’ need.
Hala Zain

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