Syria, Iran sign a memo on cooperation in domain of hydropower

Tehran, SANA-Syria and Iran on Thursday signed a memo of understanding on the cooperation in the domain of hydropower.

The memo was signed by Water Resources Minister Hussein Arnous on behalf of the Syrian side and by Iranian Minister of Energy Reza Ardakanian on behalf of the Iranian side in presence of Syria’s Ambassador to Iran Dr. Adnan Mahmoud.

The memo stipulates for the implementation of joint projects in the domain of dams, surface wells, meters and water pumps, and the rehabilitation of water system in Syria, in addition to benefiting from the exchange of experiences, studies and scientific research in this field.

The memo also stipulates for the cooperation between the two sides in the design and construction of water and sewage treatment plants, and water transmission and distribution networks as well as desalination plants in Syria, in addition to the formation of a committee to implement the provisions of the memo.

On Wednesday, Minister Arnous discussed with Iranian Minister of Energy and officials and representatives of the private sector in Iran means of enhancing cooperation in the domain of hydropower and carrying out joint projects.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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