Al-Kuzbari: Turkish-backed delegation not serious, afraid of engaging in national debates that concerns Syrian people

Geneva, SANA- Head of the delegation participating in the committee of discussing the constitution Ahmad al-Kuzbari said that no meetings have been held by the Mini-Committee of Discussing the Constitution so far due to the lack of seriousness of Turkish-backed delegation which is afraid of engaging in any national debates that concern the Syrian people

In a statement to journalists, al-Kuzbari added that, over the past two days, we heard various statements from the Turkish regime’s delegation that it made proposals one by one and that is not true because members of the delegation are submitting the same proposals of the same content but with a change in the form only while our delegation put forward substantial proposals for resuming sessions.

He emphasized that all the proposals made by the Turkish-backed delegation confirmed that they were not serious.

Al-Kuzbari added that the national delegation put forward many proposals, the last of which was to start discussing the main national principles or all delegations to enter the meeting room and start discussing what it deems appropriate, without any agendas or preconditions, but we got no response.

He clarified that it is clear that the Turkish regime’s delegation is afraid of engaging in any national debate that concerns the Syrian people, adding that they say they accept to discuss the principles but within a constitutional process and this is a precondition and any preconditions are rejected.

Shaza/Gh.A. Hassoun

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